Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Web CMS and University Web Teams Part II - the Never Ending Story?

Web CMS and University Web Teams Part II - the Never Ending Story?

Web CMS and University Web Teams Part II - the Never Ending Story?
Claire Gibbons and Russell Allen, University of Bradford

The University of Bradford Web CMS project began in October 2005 and by the time IWMW 2008 happens we will have purchased our Web CMS and have a new University Web Team in place (just!).

"Crumbs - that's taken a long time," you may say! Well, yes - but we know that by the end of the project we will have a Web CMS that suits our organisational needs and is welcomed and accepted by the users, as well as a new resource to assist the University of Bradford in taking its Web presence forward - the University Web Team.

So how did we do it? Following on from last year's IWMW 2007 session (People, Processes and Projects - How the Culture of an Organisation can Impact on Technical System Implementation) we will give some insight into why we think our project has continued to be successful - detailing the hurdles we met along the way and how we overcame them - and imparting the knowledge that we have learnt during the project which can help you take your organisation with you and enable you to implement a huge change management project successfully. Hint - it's all about the people!

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session attendees will:
  • Have an understanding of 'change management' and the implications for the integration of new technologies within existing organisational and IT infrastructures
  • Have a clear understanding of 'user-community' and other stakeholder engagement in practice
  • Be able to identify the potential 'enablers' and 'blockers' of any change management project within their institution
  • Have an understanding of specific project management techniques and when to use them appropriately
In order to plan and run a successful CMS project from business analysis and external research, to tender and procurement and finally our ambitions for implementation and roll-out.
Room Requirements:
PC and data projector provided as standard.
KCC Carnegie Room
Wednesday 23rd July 2008 from 15:30-17:00
Contact Details
Claire Gibbons,
Web Manager
University of Bradford
Phone: +44 (0)phone number hcard
Russell Allen,
Project Manager (Portal and CMS),
Management Information Services,
University of Bradford
Phone: +44 (0)phone number Further information about hcard use and Microformats