Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
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Workshop Session B8: "Exposing yourself on the Web with Microformats!"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "Exposing yourself on the Web with Microformats!".

Exposing yourself on the Web with Microformats!
Philip Wilson, University of Bath
How do people make use of the data you publish on the Web? If you publish a staff directory, how do people currently add contact details to their address books? Copy and paste has had its day, Microformats are a way of making the data you already publish not only useful, but re-usable and re-purposable for relatively little effort. This session considers how these data formats can help you solve specific data problems on your site.
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session participants will:
  • Understand what microformats are
  • Understand the scenarios in which they can be used
  • Considered ways in which microformats can be used for their own data
  • Understand how using microformats on their own Web sites can improve data
Technical: technical ratingtechnical ratingtechnical rating
Hands on: hands on rating
Room Requirements:
PC and data projector.
Thursday 15th June 16.15-17.45
Contact Details
Philip Wilson
University of Bath
Phone: +44 1255 383785 hcard


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