Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
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UKOLN Open Forum: Digital Repositories: One Size Fits All?

Digital Repositories: One Size Fits All?

Digital Repositories: One Size Fits All?
Julie Allinson and Mahendra Mahey, UKOLN

The development of repositories has proliferated across UK Universities in recent years, and it continues to grow. The understanding of what is meant by 'Institutional Repository' varies from a simple store of research papers, to a catch-all monolith, to a suite of interconnecting repositories containing different materials. Identifying the different types of repository is an important aspect of the JISC Digital Repositories Programme and is helping to bring about a clearer understanding of repositories and how these might truly interoperate.

This session will introduce the work of the Digital Repositories Programme, with examples of how projects are tackling various issues relating to repository deployment across the Information Environment. It will also examine how the Programme can help institutions consider their repository needs.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session participants will:
  • Have found out about ongoing work in the current JISC Digital Repositories Programme.
  • Have discovered how UKOLN is co-ordinating support activities for this Programme.
  • Have seen how the above can help bring about more cohesion across UK repository deployment.



Digital Repositories: One Size Fits All?
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