UKOLN "Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002: The Pervasive Web"

Workshop Evaluation

This page provides a summary of the comments recieved on the workshop evaluation forms, based on the 77 evaluation forms which were received by 8 July 2002.

Summary Of Workshop Evaluation Forms

Overall Views On The Workshop

Superb! As a 1st time attendee it was great to find out "we are not alone"!
Excellent, some variation in plenary sessions but overall very high standard
Overall excellent. All the plenary talks where of a high standard, as were the parallel sessions I attended. I also enjoyed the mix/plenary/discussion groups/debate
Sessions without exception useful. Well presented and thought provoking. I enjoyed it immensely
Very stimulating. Good to get a feel for where things are going
Very enjoyable, very good content
The only things I didn't like the food and particularly the coffee. This year more than ever I felt that there was a growing cohesiveness of experience
My 1st, very good. Will be bringing the whole team next time!
I found it excellent and very useful. It is great to network with people with the some problems.
I thought my view of accessibility, metadata and web management was bizarre & unique, its great to find out it isn't "
good mix of talks and practical sessions. As always there were sessions that I would have liked to attended but they clashed
Great content, great organisation
This the fourth time I've come here and look forward to next year
Very good and useful, sessions where quite good
Best one so far
Very good as always. Enjoyable and useful with a very good atmosphere. The programme was more balanced and therefore constantly stimulating. The variety made it more engaging and prevented brain fatigue. Time has flown by..
Well run and enjoyable conference - good atmosphere, would have been better to have a meal after the drinks reception difficult if you don't know many people and are here on your own Excellent once again!
Very good, very useful, I hope to be able to come next year
First time - would recommend colleagues to attend
Well organised and managed. Varied subject matter
Again excellent
Thought provoking rather than giving solutions. A good opportunity to share ideas and moan
One of the best conferences/workshops I've ever attended
Well worth attending, many thanks to all involved
Very useful ... more case studies would be good though and possibly details of where we all are what we use in terms of web development Interesting and stimulating, as usual. Thought the structure was spot on - keynote speakers, workshops etc liked the debated would be good to have again Very interesting and enjoyable - mice to know that most colleagues have similar problems Excellent
Good broad spectrum of presentations and views
Good at raising issues of usability as a starting point
Good but could have been better, the value of these events ultimately comes from the opportunity it gives for "networking" (in my view)"
Very useful
Very useful - meeting others, hearing experiences
Good - interesting, relevant content
Good overall, does it still need 3 days?
Excellent for meeting new contacts, excellent conference dinner and dancing
Worthwhile, mix was good but parallel sessions need to be led by people who have something to impart
Good but not particularly ground breaking - in comparison to something like the Nielsen Norman Group Conferences. Why shouldn't HE/FE be more commercially informed methodology? Pretty reasonable, about what I expected, stimulating, even if no answers were provided
Overall good
Overall good - well organised, good balance of types of session
Wednesday evening would have benefited from organised eating arrangements
"Really well organise, great accommodation, social events. Talks mostly very interesting, parallel session very good but would like to go to more than 3 THANKS BRIAN FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!"
Useful for getting an overview of developments even when not necessarily applicable to own institution Overall, very useful with plenty of practical info and advice, and I went away with lots of ideas "Excellent opportunity to ask people in similar roles about their experiences and opinions, which is very useful in making decisions regarding developments in one's institution"
Best Conference yet!
Parallel sessions starting at 16:00 a bit late?
The whole time was useful and informative
Excellent! I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it to be interesting and inspiring and, of course, a little scary. Lots to mull over. Good pace - right amount of session and presentations. Interesting and varied speakers. Well done Brian & Co
I came as a registry person looking to sample different perspectives. It suited me very well

Most Valuable Aspects

The networking opportunities, the "case study" approach to many issues is invaluable
Excellent keynote. Excellent parallel sessions. Social!
"To see that other institution have similar problems/dilemmas as we have: Getting a preview of were the world is going (Portals, xml..): Mixing, chatting with other delegates"
Concerns of the community: Strategy discussions: Direction
Sharing of problems: Inspired to try various products etc.: Excellent networking opportunities
To my surprise, the CMS and portals info: QA for websites: De Montford usability presentation
Learning about the latest developments: Learning who's working on what: Good variety of format
"Chance to discuss my problems with people who understand them: subjects very relevant to issues I'm tackling right now"
Plenary sessions and parallel sessions all excellent day 1, most very good to excellent on day 2
"Meeting like minded people from other HE Institutes: Good opportunity to swap good ideas and practices: Chance to learn new information about previously unexplored topics"
Networking/opportunity to touch base with peers: Exchange of ideas/approaches: Honest case studies
"Discussion group on web strategy extremely useful, chat with Andrew after the xml session, Mark's usability lecture, chats with colleagues, meeting colleagues from nearby Universities"
Meeting other colleagues and finding that we share common problems and seek solutions
Useful ideas, useful personal contacts, realisation that everyone else seems to be asking the same questions and that they don't have answers either "Opportunity for debate and interaction great, so much information: Balance between 'oh no how do we do that' and excitement for what we are doing: Am looking forward to working with weblogs -really useful tool"
New ideas, Pointers on finding new info
Very good presentations and choice of topics
Topics (either plenary or parallel sessions) were very relevant to my job: I liked the parallel sessions - I per day is a minimum Networking with peers: New technology briefs: Time to think & reflect on key issues
Usual community best practice etc, broaden of knowledge info other areas
Helps me evaluate portals, XML, strategy issues
Knowing that I'm not alone!: Finding out what other institutions are up to Networking: XML expertise: Having what the suits think
Wide range of views expressed: nice to meet the email names at last
Informal discussions: strategy discussions: Approaches to portals
Portals and CMS clarification, meeting peers and swapping ideas, Parallel sessions CS - brilliant
Speaking to people in a similar situation - case studies etc. clarification on how people are moving forward - the next step!: Meeting people/contacts for advice in the future. Parallel sessions, networking opportunities: accessibility issues
Communication with colleagues, lots of stuff to think about re strategies, some clarification in my own mind re portals Contentious debate - stimulating: usual "same boat" comforting
Chance to find out about developments in other universities: meeting with colleagues facing similar challenges at other institutions Publishing -everything? If not what? Who decides?: Determining (what & how our institution wants to use the web: Importance of integrated communication re web -communications-marketing-MIS Also how web management integrates with other management systems Learning abut CMS/portals visions of the future
A good chance to be on the learning end for a change!
Portals content management
Good overviews of where we are, and what is happening within Universities
Variety of attendees, mostly pitched at the right level
Web standards - current latest developments
Provocative - thought provoking - good to talk to colleagues in other institutions
Web standards talk/Portals talk by P Browning
Parallel sessions, Web Standards briefing. Social events making it easy to meet people in other institutions
Content - strategy & big picture (i.e. regulations): Liaison and networking
Meeting people from other institutions, legal position an accessibility and more awareness of XML
Meeting peers, getting "unbiased" (non vendor specific) information on emerging technologies
Meeting people and listening to them, ideas for how JISC can help, getting to hear the range of experiences and situation
Examples - hands on
Meeting people in similar roles, exchanging views, opinions, solutions
Views on CMS & Portals
Networking: Range of views & backgrounds: strategic & institutional focus as well as particular tech examples

Disappointing Aspects

The parallel sessions should be earlier in the day, especially the practical sessions. Lets have 3 programme days, incorporating some free time in one afternoon to explore the host town/city Discussion groups
One parallel session I did not enjoy because of the setting (room, noisy & cold air-con) not the topic/presenter/format. Frustrating
Coffee, usability of the website, get some SMT to come next time!
The process of the discussion on group e.g. a proper understanding of what brainstorming entails. ID, facilitators in advance map/directions: the campus was more complicated than the map implied "I would have liked to attend more of the parallel sessions. Workshop on accessibility was a bit disappointing
Perhaps a tour of Glasgow would have been good
Nothing really! Better than last year
As half an 'academic -type' and also not from a web team found the frequent denigration of other staff types worrying. Hopefully this is because of this audience's community & fraternity and a safe environment for playing to the audience. If it reflects practical working relationships back home then this is a bit more worrying. I hope there is not such a 'them' and 'us' attitude in the real world. this is not so much a reflection on the conference as my observation from my perspective of spending 0.2 fte per week 'on the other side' as a cultural theorist post grad. It was really interesting to observe the various approaches to the web.
Evening meal after drinks reception
Parallel sessions were poorer than last years (been in Bath & Belfast): I still miss having some VC's around (they are the ones that give the budgets!) I missed the point of the panel discussion on the first day: I didn't "mingle" that much - maybe some activities (discussions,etc) in smaller groups would have helped Accommodation: modem usage problems: H&S issue with hot water supply in rooms?
Longer term futures could be discussed
Would have liked to be able to visit some of the parallel sessions that ran at the same time. Could popular sessions be reported on two days? Are the notes going to be on the website? More techie sessions
Mug shots? (in case of trying to contact named individuals that you haven't met before)
More case studies - want to know what other people have done/doing so we can benchmark
I would like more technical discussions on portals and CMS
First two parallel session informed, missed key tricks and not always what we thought we had volunteered for
Very friendly staff, good organisation, bloody cold lecture theatres
Some poor parallel sessions
Maybe a 'trip' would have been good
Not sure how useful discussion groups are
I would have like the opportunity to attend more of the workshops
What can be done to improve institution's search facilities i.e. engine improve user's ability to find info: Areas which would have been useful to included in more details: security and infrastructure: importance of a quality of content: scalability to meet future demands
Discussion groups
List of delegates could have included an indication of delegates areas of interest/work - it was hard to identify who worked in similar fields e.g. Design/usability Very unhappy that web booking of parallel sessions failed forcing me to choose sessions that I didn't wish to attend Very developer focused there are many disciplines that make an Institutional web work - not least web designers! Too many parallel sessions? I would have liked to follow more of them: Discussion groups are hard to make work: debate was not very productive More depth
Would like to go to more parallel sessions, get rid of some talks and allow more time for PSs, they are much more useful and this is meant to be a workshops. Talks more useful and this is meant to be a workshop. Talks assume everyone is interested in one particular topic - let people chose
Workshop's website and its content, IT provision for laptop users, especially in room/hall
Slight sense of being unable to move on from perpetual barriers, i.e control vs departmental freedom, no sense of progress on CMS even though it has been a concern for years - not necessarily and criticism of the workshop as such but depressing nonetheless.
No job titles on delegates list/badges
Not being left on your own - some people were in groups which is fine but not everyone is Establishing discussion subjects/themes prior to the workshop from users input on the web forms. Having a more formal chair person, who would lead the workshop
Too much to absorb! If we could access audio recording of sessions, together with PowerPoint slides one could reuse and share with colleagues Only one session (parallel) where handouts not provided

Additional Comments

Social events and general organisation very good, parallel sessions mix meant everything I wanted to do was in session one - and I found it hard to pick anything suitable from sessions two and three
A bit too much pre-workshop email
Admin excellent (non intrusive and highly efficient) Accommodation and catering good
Good balance of debates, presentations, parallel sessions this year - thanks for listening to feedback
In the delegates list, it would be useful to include job titles and departments
This is notably the most useful and valuable event of its type that I have ever attended
Good mix of talks and subjects covered
"Would be interesting to get some guest speakers in from outside UK - ideas/case studies from abroad - USA/Australia/Europe"
Too many steps and hill's - Glasgow good
Hope this year we get the follow-up that was announced last year. I don't recall getting those JISC reports that were suggested by the panels. Otherwise this workshop keeps getting better!
I would have liked to go the 2 debates! Maybe having them on different days, so they're quite dynamic and not so formal?: I would find it very useful to get the notes from the discussion groups
Thank you for taking the time to organise a very helpful event
I often wish some subjects were covered in greater technical depth, but perhaps workshops or similar is better for this. Parallel session are helpful for this, but there never seems to be enough time to drill into things
Sharing experiences with other
Is there an email discussion group which discusses these topics- more support throughout the year would be helpful Perhaps some free time when galleries/shops etc open and work later into evening to compensate
Appreciated drinks receptions on Thursday - very nice- Thanks
Very useful and enjoyable, excellent organisation - congratulations
Having looked at this in MSc ecommence it was of limited use would have preferred discussion on how useful are guidelines I was agreeably surprised when the speaker who I found poor in the parallel session excelled in debate
Overall an enjoyable experience, and a chance to see a city I'd never been to before. Thank you!!
Very important and good to see that there was a balance between FE & HE can't wait until next year
Access to computing facilities good
Tuesday first session started 15 mins earlier than timings on left side of timetable
Social - some intro to Glasgow area would have been good
Some were of low content/quality
Can all comment sheets be attached? Missed the parallel sessions one till today!
Very good. Positive experience, delegates are kept busy on day yet many attend social events in the evening
I'd like to see sessions where the web accessibity guidelines are explained e.g. How to mark up data tables and use CSS for layout Don't know how soon I might seek to attend again, but would think some other technically focussed registry types could find it interesting

Comments On Workshop Administration

Aspects of accommodation disappointing (complaint made to Strathclyde) Some lecture rooms too cold
Administration great. Catering a bit ropey in places
Very good
Very good
Admin fine, catering adequate - I would've liked a lamp in my bedroomv Village office staff excellent, sorry to find out swimming pool was closed for improvements
Workshop admin was top notch. Food was very good, one of the catering staff was incredibly rude to everyone
Well organised, good central location with easy access to facilities
Organisation and admin very good, food fine, room fine
Excellent but the bacon was too salty
Would have been nice to have a meal provided on Wednesday night
Great well organised, great having room, food and venue so close together. Signage and information provided throughout the event were invaluable. Really invaluable conference. Travel easy and central Glasgow nice and close to hand
Admin worked well, Catering ok, nice lecture theatres
Very good
Catering was fantastic! An evening dinner should have been available on Wednesday. The timetables should also have had room numbers printed on them
Catering : Tuesday dinner disappointing
University food seems to be appetizing the countryover
Very good
Admin was very good: Food and accommodation appalling
All went smoothly
Very good
Admin and organisation were excellent - well done! Catering not brilliant but accept have to use what is there
Catering ok, nothing special, accommodation good, social not terrific
Generally pretty good
Very good
Catering was above average, plentiful and not like your average canteen food
Reasonable catering, administration fine
Very good, staff organised and helpful
Very good
"Catering not appropriate to numbers, team breaks too congested can we have milk even if UHT in delegate room packs not powdered creamer, signs and directions weak
Very good administration, very uninspiring food
Excellent very smoothly run, even the student bedroom were ok
Admin good - catering only ok
A bit basic, food pretty poor
Excellent, food was edible though not fantastic
"Some sessions starting earlier than advertised, lack of info an venue, confusions on where which parallel sessions took place.
First room very noisy however, easily got allocated another room - very prompt action! Nice food"
Very good
Fine, top notch - all went smoothly and to schedule
Nice accommodation
Admin excellent although Friday am a little confusing
I have no comments on the administration which must mean that it was organised efficiently and with no hitches
Good, Coherent. Relaxed Good timekeeping. Good to have parallel session feedback

Additional Workshops

Short one day workshop in 6 months
Sunderland University could be interested in hosting
electronic submission, standards,etc, more focussed technical session erms, grid etc. would be happy to help!
I would be willing to host a workshop at a future event Working with/Persuading Senior Management XML XML & XSLT Less specific than the question but I would like to see more on using multimedia and also digital TV. Is this likely to appear on the horizon? Businesses are already moving beyond 'just the web' to channel alliance. Will HE need to approach this? Does a focus on the web obscure this broader view. So my two topics are using multimedia on the web and channel alliance (which I would broadly define as customers students and staff) getting the same information and services through whichever channel they approach the organisation. Oh and some more support services for information providers would be good. This is more for now the other suggestions are very much looking ahead
Legislation - web strategy Video Broadcasting/Straming media/Streaming servers/RTSP CMS, Portals Interfaceting XML/XSLT with CMS How to 'do XML' for non-tekkies Portal design and usability/CMS implementation How educational institutions are moving forward in e.g. the States, Australia, Europe etc. Content management systems, knowledge management and the web Design for user experience, information architecture, designing and delivery a e-identify I would be willing to do a workshop Strategic Management, Project Management, Overview of Technologies Freedom of Information/DP - Ralph Weedon Chair Publications Scheme for FE/HE XML Zope, CMF (Zope) Future Proofing your website

Plenary Speakers

The comments about Derek Law's were very positive:

Really enjoyed all three of these sessions, got the workshop off to a good start
Good start to the day
Interesting and amusing - a good opening talk
Excellent choice of speaker - a high note to open on
Very Interesting Issues raised, excellent speaker
Good start - easy to listen to
Stimulating & witty!
Brilliantly presented and very witty
Good overview and very well informed speaker
Thought provoking and funny Interesting thoughts and well presented
Characterful speaker warmed up the workshop
Usual polished performance
Funny, entertaining, very good intro to workshop

Although some people commented:

Not a bad warm up but a bit content free
Good case, untidy information
Well delivered, amusing, played to the crowd a little too much maybe
Very good, as ever. Possibly slightly disjointed in the points made

Andrew Aird's talk on Virtually Everything Virtually Everywhere: Pursuing A Radical Web Strategy suceeded in generated debate:

Challenging - thought provoking
Enjoyed his provocative content
Provocative and inspiring
Provocative and verging on Stalinist: very interesting though
Maybe a bit too controversial
Challenging, even if I disagreed with half of it
Good speaker - disagree with strategy though
Interesting thoughts and well presented
Brilliant - a bit of genuine controversy and excellent ideas
Excellent, thought provoking
Controversial (as intended) but promoting a certain amount of info-discrimination
Quite shocking!, but certainly made you think about it
I like radical views, not necessarily all mine but makes you review, discuss & rethink
"Well delivered, clear, I disagreed with at least 50% but he made his case well and provocatively" Interesting & provocative but left people with no strategies
Provocative - I didn't entirely agree with it
Well presented - definitely radical & controversial won't be doing anything though
Highly provocative, not sure about some of the information behind it e.g. recruitment of IT literate students - Discriminatory
Some good points, controversial
Enjoyable - some advice on how to handle politics would be useful

Although others felt that:

"A rather jumbled presentation (problems with the mouse?) didn't satisfactorily explain some controversial proposals enough"
More reactionary than radical
Provocation! Appeared to be HE focused - no mention of FE
Interesting, if completely mad
"Certainly controversial in parts. I can imagine the horror at suggesting the paper prospectus is done away with!" "Good a overall, but bad for suggestion that universities should not recruit from poor communities in the UK"
Not sure whether to take this talk seriously

Lawrie Phipps's talk on Legislation, Disabilities and Educational Web Sites was well-received:

Good to have some official feedback on the legal position
Informative as the topic was one I knew little about
Very worrying
Informative, good evidence well presented
Very useful info
Very informative and good to see the issues being given such prominence
Good but perhaps more suited to a parallel session
Lawrie is always good. Liked the handout - good detail
Perhaps a more technical approach would be beneficial
Interesting thoughts and well presented
Clear, concise and very useful

Although some commented that:

More tech info example of problems would have been useful for those not attending
A bit more about the legislation itself could maybe have been more useful
A little quick on covering the points
Lawrie's little exercise at the start really doesn't work well with 200 people perhaps he should think about scalability
Factual & informative but exercise was ill-judged

Bill Nisen's talk on Knowledge Based Web Sites: A Preliminary Investigation received the following comments:

A very forward looking presentation - again raising interesting issues for the future
Thought provoking
Very interesting vision of how the future might turn out
Really useful to have speakers from the fringes with external info, i.e. not specifically HE focussed
A guru, a one-man think tank - but a lot of it went past me, and he misused the word 'schizophrenic' as usual
Almost scary, would like to know what I'll be doing when all my agents and augmentation are doing my dirty work! Enthusiastic and thought provoking
A refreshing change
Interesting but not as relevant as some of the other sessions. Perhaps a bit too visionary!
Provoking but raised many questions with few answers
Excellent points, quite early in the morning

although some have different views:

I did not understand a lot of the jargon
A bit over my head
Usual Yank suit speak waffle - all blue skies, inspiring visions, bright futures, buzzwords but no useful practical info
American drivel

Mark Simpson's talk on Designing For Usability received many positive comments:

Superb. Great to see a step by step testing of a large new system. Thank you Very amusing with some useful stuff too
Lots of useful practical advice
Brilliant talk! Very interesting, entertaining & informative
Great talk and another area it is good to see being given prominence
Very interesting many useful points
Clear, concise, good speaker, described JLE project in a way that allowed us to drawgeneric concepts & guidelines
I will be going back with useful material from this, especially pay packet image
Excellent. Very helpful to me although more specific to an institution than a more distributed environment
Useful ideas on user testing
Good, funny, lively, memorable
Really excellent!
Interesting funny and useful too
Thought provoking
Although also a specific case study, this was presented in a way that made many useful, general comments /observations
This session was one of the best at the conference, useful, practical & humorous

although one participant felt that the session was:

Rather patronizing and content free

Mike McConnell and Iain Middleton's talk on Centralised Control Or Departmental Freedom? received the following comments:

Interesting to see 2 different approaches to the same problem
Well presented and informative
Spent a long time painting a picture that a lot of he audience must already know
Excellent, really enjoyable and useful Very good introduction to this issue and well presented case studies. Worthy of a debate
I could have written that presentation it mirrors our experiences almost exactly
Good balance, very informative Well presented, funny and clear, perhaps a little long
Interesting contrasts
Again, although specific case studies, many useful general points made
Interesting but well covered ground
Entertaining, good balance of content, interesting concepts
Good slides - some idea of techniques for getting people on board would have been

although others commented:

Too many overheads
A little too much duplication in the case study reports
Been there seen it, done it

Stephen Tanner's talk on The Lecturer's MIS Menu: Why Silver Service Is Off And Drive-Thru's In received the following comments:

One of the clearest expositions of the workshop
Very good, always informative to hear case studies
Not so relevant to my institution but gleaned some value nevertheless
Interesting - though some more technical info would have been interesting
Interesting talk on applications, Good context
A panacea for many, probably easier in the more rigid FE system rather than HE
Good content but v good delivery, didn't address the data protection issue of all staff being able to see all data!

although some felt the talk was too detailed:

Didn't warrant such length of coverage
Interesting but a bit too detailed and long winded
Interesting but web aspect peripheral
Too detailed a case study for a plenary session in my view


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