UKOLN "Institutional Web Management Workshop 2002: The Pervasive Web"

Debates on Open Source Software and the Merits Of Web Strategies"

On Thursday, 20th June 2002 the workshop featured two debates which were held in parallel.

Of interest to software developers and techies in the audience was the debate on the motion "The house believes that the future of Web in UK Higher and Further Education communities lies in the adoption of open source software".

We did not forgetting the managers and non-techies at the workshop as there was a debate on the motion "The house believes that Web Strategies are a waste of time".

As the debates were held in parallel, workshop participants only had the opportunity to vote in one debate. However an online voting form will be available on this Web site after the event in order to allow you to cast your votes for both motions.

Debate On Open Source Software

The speakers at the debate on Open Source Software were Paul Browning, Brian Kelly, Andrew Savory and Stephen Tanner. The debate was chaired by James Currall, University of Glasgow.

Binnit cartoon
Copyright 2002 IT Week. Reproduced with permission.

Although perhaps not as lively as arm-wrestling, we hope the debate proved entertaining as well as informative!


For The Motion

Paul Browning
[HTML Format]
Andrew Savory
[HTML Format]

Against The Motion

Brian Kelly
[HTML Format] - [MS PowerPoint Format]
Stephen Tanner
[HTML Format] - [MS PowerPoint Format]


The result of the debate was an overwhelming victory for those supporting the motion.

Acknowledgements: The Binnit cartoon is featured weekly in the ITWeek magazine. The cartoon shown above was featured in ITWeek on 6th May 2002. We are grateful to ITWeek and Lem Bingley, the cartoonist, for permission to use the cartoon.

Debate On Web Strategies

The speakers at the debate on Web Strategies were Andrew Aird, Colin Work, Chris Awre and Claire Surridge. The debate was chaired by Tracey Stanley.

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