UCISA WLF / UKOLN Workshop: Beyond Email - Transcript of the ucisa-ukoln-wlf-tech room

Transcript of discussion prior to workshop

Conversation with ucisa-ukoln-wlf-tech@private.jabber.org at 2004-11-21 01:54:00 on et207@jabber.org/Gaim (jabber)
(02:22:17) : Em Tonkin, UKOLN has set the topic to: Technical problems and issues here
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(18:58:54) pda_intcon: hi, anyone in the chat room?
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Transcript of discussion on day of workshop

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(09:36:41) pda_intcon: Hi, Paul here - anyone in the room this morning?
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(10:19:48) em_tonkin: Well, I'm here...
(10:19:58) pda_intcon: hi
(10:20:20) em_tonkin: offering tech support to anybody who has already managed 
           to get online successfully.
(10:20:28) em_tonkin: :-)
(10:21:48) pda_intcon: I'm also listening in via Skype
(10:22:18) em_tonkin: Can you hear much?
(10:23:09) pda_intcon: Just about - Brian seems to be drifting away from the 
           microphone a bit maybe? Also the fan on the projector is making a noise (I think)?
(10:23:26) em_tonkin: yes, Brian is wandering around quite a bit
(10:23:48) em_tonkin: the projector is slightly subpar unfortunately
(10:24:00) pda_intcon: Tell him to stand still! ;-)
(10:24:06) em_tonkin: I'll see if I can move the microphone to a more sensible perch later
(10:24:16) pda_intcon: Thanks
(10:24:36) em_tonkin: It's been a slightly frantic morning.
(10:24:56) pda_intcon: I'm not surprised. Quite brave doing all this live!
(10:25:31) em_tonkin: Brian is certainly intrepid
(10:26:27) em_tonkin: but the attempt is worth the effort no matter what the result, 
           since it certainly provides us with an idea of the technical issues 
(10:27:03) pda_intcon: Absolutely - I've certainly learnt a lot. I'd not used Skype before this event.
(10:27:23) em_tonkin: Skype is an interesting one really
(10:27:44) pda_intcon: Free calls across the world!
(10:28:00) em_tonkin: I regard it as something of a one-trick pony at the moment though...
(10:28:24) em_tonkin: probably because of the lack of external developer support
(10:28:52) em_tonkin: if the company don't see, for example, a collaborative drawing 
           extension to be a worthy addition, it won't happen 
(10:29:02) em_tonkin: but I like it :-)
(10:29:46) em_tonkin: it is multiplatform and fairly effortless.
(10:30:08) pda_intcon: Yes, I can see that might be an issue. The Apple does VoIP 
           with video. But I guess here will be an open source one along no doubt shortly.
(10:31:25) em_tonkin: open source projects are like London buses, eh? None for ages 
           and then four come along at once - and they're all going to the same place... 
(10:31:36) em_tonkin: but I am unfair
(10:31:58) Alison Pope (UCISA): I first used Skype talking entirely over IP with Brian.  
           I then bought some SkypeOut credit to call my parents in France.  I have 
           an Address Book extension called iAddressX on my powerbook.  I contacted 
           the developer to ask if there was any chance you would be able to dial 
           contact with Skype...the response (within an impressive 5 minutes) would 
           be that Skype support would be in the next version.  That is a small example 
           but if developers can be that responsive it may become more useful.
(10:32:52) em_tonkin: I think that's one cause of skype's relatively enthusiastic user base
(10:33:32) em_tonkin: they're quite open to their community
(10:36:34) pda_intcon: I can hear Brian clearly now. Where ever he is standing is a good spot.
(10:37:25) em_tonkin: Ah, he was right by the laptop at that point.
(10:38:10) em_tonkin: we'll order a bluetooth mike for next time I think
(10:38:38) pda_intcon: Yes, that sounds like the solution (excuse the pun)
(10:40:22) em_tonkin: I think maybe next workshop I'll be bringing a bag full of 
           miscellaneous extension cables
(10:41:55) Alison Pope (UCISA): Do we need three chat rooms?  There are three of 
           us here and we are all in the tech support room!  Is it worth trying 
           to structure chats into thematic areas or just have one room that goes with the flow?
(10:42:08) Alison Pope (UCISA): I expect this probably depends on the size of event... 
           this is quite small...
(10:42:53) em_tonkin: ah, I have been wondering whether to try and channel us into 
           the ucisa-ukoln-wlf-chat room
(10:43:05) em_tonkin: but considered it might seem a little pedantic
(10:43:38) pda_intcon: How many people at the event? 
(10:43:43) em_tonkin: I think we were hoping to have this room specifically for 
           problem-solving and ucisa-ukoln-wlf-social specifically for chat
(10:43:50) em_tonkin: 83 I believe 
(10:43:59) em_tonkin: or in that region
(10:44:29) Alison Pope (UCISA): I'm happy to move to social or chat... leave this 
           for support.. although I suspect those most in need of support are those who can't login!
(10:44:41) em_tonkin: To be fair I have found in the past that theming chatrooms 
           is a difficult thing to pull off...
(10:44:48) em_tonkin: I suspect that you're right
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