UCISA WLF / UKOLN Workshop: Beyond Email - Annotation of the Instant Messaging Discussion Group Page

This page provides a local copy of the annotation of the annotations of the discussion group on "Instant Messaging". This copy was taken on 23 November 2004. The copy was made in case the main page is deleted, the service becomes unavailable or the content is overwritten.

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This is the page for making notes of the discussion group on Instant Messaging


IM being used to support virtual tutor groups, within VLE. Students view it as a top down managed exercise. Do the exercise and then go and talk to there mates about the work!

will e-mail be replaced by these technologies?

The technologies should not be used to create social (within the institution)change - technology may create change but cannot impose it.

Email as an asynchronous non-interruptive medium may be difficult to replace with IM, being (mostly) synchronous interaction. Also, one tends to perceive an IM conversation as ephemeral and email as relatively permanent (thus the CYA email tradition).

Here are some themes from the (blue) IM session.

Very much a split camp - a con from every pro as it were! (and I finally got to work out the wretched formatting - and it is wretched!!)