UCISA WLF / UKOLN Workshop: Beyond Email - Annotation of discussion group on Blogs page

This page provides a local copy of the annotation of the annotations of the discussion on "Blogs". This copy was taken on 23 November 2004. The copy was made in case the main page is deleted, the service becomes unavailable or the content is overwritten.

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Please use this page for notes on the discussion group on Blogs


Question posed: why use blogs instead of for example e-mail?

Report on Blogs Discussion Group

This is the report of the red-team discussion group. There were several users of blogs, mostly personal.

There were two structured implementations discussed: at University of Warwick and a JISC-supported project on Mobile Blogs. Most of the information comes from these groups.

Identify ways in which blogging might be used in teaching, learning and research

Blogs vs Wikis

Selection and Deployment

AUP, Training, Support

Likely Technologies

Other Issues

– 2004-11-23 ChrisBenson

The blue team had a similar discussion but a great deal centred on acceptable use. This was brought up in the Wiki discussion and the closing remarks also. Just to stir it up, my opinion is that trying to create a distinct AUP/Computing Reg for each and every new "thing" is complete folly. Have your generic policy as vanilla as possible and use that to catch everyone. If anyone can persuade me of a reason not to do so I'd be pleased to hear...