UKOLN RSC Yorkshire and Humber Workshops - February / March 2004

Brian Kelly facilitated three Benchmarking Web Sites workshop for RSC Yorkshire and Humber. The workshops were held in:


This event will provide an opportunity for participants to benchmark their college (or other) Web site by making use of a range of Web-based tools. Delegates will compare their findings in order to try to identify examples of best practices and areas in which improvements may be made. Following the hands-on session there will be a presentation outlining some of the issues associated with this approach to benchmarking. The event will conclude by a group discussion of possible follow-up actions.



Benchmarking Web Sites
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QA For Web Sites
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What Next?
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Benchmarking Exercises
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QA Exercises
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Personal Action Plan

Personal Action Plan
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Evaluation Exercises

Benchmarking Exercises
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QA Exercises
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A number of surveys of Web sites have been published.


The draft timetable, which is subject to change, is given below.

Time Topic
10:00 Registration & Coffee
10:30 Welcome and Introduction
10:50 'Introduction To Benchmarking Web Sites' - Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus
11:00 'Benchmarking Web Sites' - hands-on session
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Hands-on session (continued)
14:00 Discussion
14:10 Report Back
14:20 Accessibility (on 10 February and 16 March 2004 workshops) / Open Source Software (on 17 March 2004 workshop)
15:20 Conclusions
15:30 Workshop ends

URLs Used During Workshop

The following URLs will be used during the workshop.

Exercise Service URL
1.1 NetMechanic <>
1.2 Bobby <>
1.5 UK University Web Entry Points <>
2.3 W3C HTML Validation Service <>
2.6 Link Alarm <>
3.1 Link Popularity <>
4.2 Browser Emulators <>

Other URLs

The following URLs may also be useful.

Browser Extensions

  Service URL
  Bookmarklets <>
  Cacheability Engine <>
  Extending Your Browser <>
  WebWatch Services <>

Evaluating Different Browsers

  Anybrowser <>
  DejaVu (Browser Emulators) <> (archive of old browsers) <>
  Lynx Emulator <>
  Test display <>
  Wapilizer <>

Evaluating Link and Search Engine Popularity

  AltaVista <>
  LinkPopularity <>
  NetMechanic <>
  Searchenginewatch's Guidelines I <>
  Searchenginewatch's Guidelines II <>

Evaluating Site Accessibility

  Bobby <>
  Color Readability Test <>
  Web Metrics Testbed <>
  Wave 3.0 <>
  Vischeck <>
  Web Accessibility <>

Evaluating Your Organisational Home Page

Dr HTML <>
NetMechanic <>
InternetSeer <>
NetMechanic Monitoring Service <>
Watchdog <>
Alertsite <>
WebWatch Services <>
Dr Watson <>
LinkAlarm <>
NetMechanic Maintenance Service <>
SiteValet <>
This Old Mouse <>
Webmaster-Toolkit <>

Link Checker

Netmechanic <>
Nodeworks <>
Site valet <>
Xenu <>
LinkTool <>
Usable Web <>

Realtime Monitoring

Software in Use: <>

Next Generation Validation Tools

Freshwater Software <>
WebKing <>


A Survey Of Links to UK University Web Sites <>
A Survey Of Numbers of UK University Web Servers <>
A Survey Of Web Server Software Used In UK University Web Sites <>
Showing Robots the Door <>
UK University Search Engines <>
Web Watch: 404s - What's Missing? <>
WebWatching UK Universities and Colleges <>
What's Related To My Web Site? <>

Rolling Demonstrations

Rolling Demonstration of UK University Web Entry Points <>
Rolling Demonstration of UK University 404 Error Pages <>