Availability Of A Selection of FE College Web Sites In Internet Archive

The following table gives details of the availability of a selection of FE College Web sites in the RSC Eastern region in the Internet Archive.

You can use the service yourself either by going to the Internet Archive or by entering a URL in the following box:


Table 1: Findings
  Project Available? Summary Comments Try It
1 Epping Forest College Y 17 dates from Nov 1999-Jun 2002   Check
2 East Norfolk Sixth Form College Y 3 dates from Jan-May 2002   Check
3 West Herts College Y 38 dates from Dec 1998-Jun 2002   Check
4 Paston College Y 9 dates from May 2000-May 2002   Check
5 Barnfield College Y 18 dates from Jan 1999-Jun 2002   Check
6 North Hertfordshire College Y 21 dates from Jan 1999-Jun 2002   Check
7 Thurrock College Y 2 dates from Sep 2001-Jan 2002   Check
8 Dunstable College Y 16 dates from Mar 2001-Jun 2002   Check
9 Bedford College Y 26 dates from Apr 1997-Jun 2002   Check
10 RSC Eastern Y 7 dates from Mar 2001-May 2002   Check

The information in the table was collected on 9th June 2003.


Please note the following:


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 12: Summary
Available 10 100%
Not Available 0 0%
Banned 0 0%