Survey Of Search Engines For RSC Web Sites

The following table gives a summary of search engines for RSC Web Sites.

A summary of the column headings is given below.


Table 1: Search Engines Survey For RSC Web Sites
  RSC Search Engine Comments Try It
1 RSC London Expiscor  
2 RSC Eastern Atmoz Externally-hosted
3 RSC South East None    
4 RSC South West None    
5 RSC East Midlands Atmoz Externally-hosted
6 RSC West Midlands Atmoz Externally-hosted
7 RSC North West Google Externally-hosted
8 RSC Yorkshire and Humber None    
9 RSC Northern Microsoft  
10 RSC Scotland South & West Atmoz Externally-hosted
11 RSC Scotland North & East None    
12 RSC Wales None    
13 RSC Northern Ireland Atomz Externally hosted

The information in the table was collected on 23th September 2003.


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 2: Summary
Search Engine 8 62%
No Search Engine 5 38%
Atomz 5 62.5%
Google 1 12.5%
Microsoft 1 12.5%
Expiscor 1 12.5%