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Lessons To be Learnt From The HE Community

About the Talk

A talk was given by Brian Kelly at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 15-16th November 1999.

If I Could Start All Over Again: Lessons To be Learnt From The HE Community
The World Wide Web was originally developed for the European particle physics community. The links with the research community led to its early adoption within the Higher Education community. A small number of UK Universities were running web services in 1993, and during 1994 most Universities moved away from information services based on Gopher or proprietary solutions and set up their own institutional web services.
The HE community has several year's experience of providing web service. In that time mistakes have been made and lessons learnt. In this talk Brian Kelly will review some of the mistakes and, based on the HE communities experiences, provide advice on future directions.

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Workshop Report

A workshop report is available.