UKOLN Public Library Web Workshop 2000

Auditing and Evaluating Web Sites

About the Session

A workshop session was given by Brian Kelly at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath on 11 October 2000.

Auditing and Evaluating Web Sites
In this hands-on session participants will try out a range of tools which can be used to evaluate and audit Web sites. The session will make use of tools which can evaluate both individual pages and entire Web sites. The session will conclude with a group discussion which will formulate recommendations for further work, both by the delegates themselves within their own organisation and by national or regional bodies.


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Session Review
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URLs Used In Session

The following resources will be used in the session.

  1. Evaluating Your Organisational Home Page
  2. Evaluating Your Organisational Web Site
  3. Evaluating Your Organisational Web Server
  4. Evaluating Different Browsers
  5. Evaluating Site Accessibility
  6. Monitoring Visitors To A Web Site
  7. Evaluating Link and Search Engine Popularity
  8. What's Related
  9. Browser Extensions
  10. LinkTool and Usable Web
  11. Checking Web Site Performance
  12. WebWatching

The timetable for the session is given below.

Time Content
2.00-2.05 Introduction (in PC cluster) [BK]
2.05-3.15 Hands-on exercises [ALL]
3.15-3.45 Coffee Break
3.45-3.50 Welcome back (in Seminar room) [BK]
3.50-4.00 Report back on hands-on exercises [ALL]
4.00-4.20 What Next? [BK]
4.20-4.30 Action Plans For Delegates [ALL]