UKOLN Public Library Web Workshop 2000

Externally Hosted Web Services

About the Talk

A talk was given by Brian Kelly at the Running A Public Library Website workshop held at the University of Bath from 10-12th October 2000. The talk took place from 11.45 am-12.30 pm on Thursday 12th October.

Externally Hosted Web Services
Providing a Web service is easy. All you need is a Unix box, the Apache Web server software and tools to create HTML pages. However as Web services develop organisations find themselves under increasing pressure to implement new facilities, which may cost money or require technical support - resources which may be in short supply in public libraries. In this talk Brian Kelly describes a range of externally hosted Web services which can provide a range of services for little or no cost and which require minimal technical support. Is this too good to be true, or is there a catch?


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Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a JISC-funded post which advises the UK Higher and Further Education communities on Web developments. Brian writes regular columns in the Ariadne, Exploit Interactive and Cultivate Interactive Web magazines. Brian organised a national Web management workshop which was held at the University of Bath from 6-8th September 2000.