The following sessions were given at the JANET User Support Workshop held at the University of Loughborough on 4-6 September July 2001.

The Web In The 21st Century


In this plenary talk Brian Kelly reported on the latest developments on the Web and advise on the approaches to Web development which we should be taking in order to provide Web services for the 21st Century.

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Auditing and Monitoring Your Web Site


We all provide Web sites. But how many of us check our Web site to see if it is working correctly? Is our Web site accessible? How easy is the Web site to find using search engines? How does it compare with other institutions? In this hands-on workshop session delegates will use a variety of Web-based tools to give a health-check to their Web site and compare their Web site with other institutions.

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Disseminating News Within Your Organisation


Many network and user support departments will be involved in the provision of news services. This may take the form of paper newsletters, email announcements, use of Usenet news groups, etc.

In this hands-on session delegates will discuss the pros and cons of these approaches to news dissemination. Delegates will evaluate then use of news feeds for their institution. A summary of recent innovations in this area will be given. The use of the RSS (Rich / RDF Site Summary) standard for news feeds within the RDN (Resource Discovery Network) will be described. Delegates will have the opportunity to create a news feed for use within their institution using open source software developed at UKOLN.

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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a national JISC-funded Web coordination post based at UKOLN, University of Bath.

Brian has been involved in the development of Web services since early 1993 - the Web service he supported at Leeds University was one of the first 30 organisational web services available. As most Universities at the time were convinced that Gopher was the most appropriate technology for distributed information systems, between 1993 and 1995 Brian (who was worried that he may have chosen the Internet equivalent of the Betamax system!) gave presentations about the Web throughout the UK.

In 1995 Brian joined the Netskills project at Newcastle University where he was involved in development of network training material.

In November 1996 Brian took up his current post in Bath. His responsibilities include monitoring web developments, information dissemination, providing advice and representing JISC on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Brian has presented posters at the WWW 8, 9 and 10 conferences. He has attended WWW conferences at Hong Kong (WWW 10), Amsterdam (WWW9), Toronto (WWW8, May 1999), Brisbane (WWW7, April 1998), Santa Clara (WWW6, April 1997), Paris (WWW5, May, 1996) and Geneva (WWW1, May 1994).

Dissemination of information on Web developments is one of the important aspects of Brian's responsibilities. In addition to organising the annual web manager's workshop, and participation at events such as the JANET User Support Workshop, Brian publishes articles in a variety of publications, including the Ariadne (see <>), Exploit Interactive (see <>) and Cultivate Interactive (see <>) Web magazines.