Analyses of Selected Web Sites in the EMMLAC Region

The following table gives findings of a survey of HTTP headers for selected Web sites in the EMMLAC region. The survey makes use of Dundee University's Web Wizards tool.

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Table 1: Findings
  Organisation Server Comments Try It
1 Derby Museum And Art Gallery Microsoft-IIS/5.0   Check
2 Northamptonshire Record Society Apache/1.3.29 (Unix) mod_throttle/3.1.2 PHP/4.3.4   Check
3 Leicester City Council Microsoft-IIS/5.0   Check
4 Leicester City Council Library Services Apache/1.3.27 OpenSSL/0.9.7 (Unix)   Check
5 Leicester City Council A-Z Apache/1.3.26 (Unix)   Check
6 Foxton Canal Museum Microsoft-IIS/6.0   Check
7 Ruddington Village Museum Microsoft-IIS/5.0   Check
8 Nottinghamshire Archives Apache/1.3.29 (Win32) Note Windows platform Check
9 Edward Moody Design Microsoft-IIS/4.0   Check
10 EMMLAC Microsoft-IIS/6.0   Check

The information in the table was collected on 1st and 26th April 2004.


Please note the following:

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A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 2: Server Summary
MS IIS (or other) 6 60%
Apache 4 40%
Table 2B: Version Summary
Apache v1.3.* 4 40%
Apache v2.* 0 0%
IIS v4.* 1 10%
IIS v5.* 3 30%
IIS v6.* 2 20%
Table 2C: OS Summary (Estimates)
Unix 6 60%
Microsoft 4 40%