HTML Analysis Of Web Sites

A survey of the HTML compliance of home pages of Web sites for participants on the Benchmarking Web Sites workshop hosted by EMMLAC has been carried out. The survey makes use of the W3C HTML compliance checking tool.

You can use the service yourself either by going to the HTML Validator or by entering a URL in the following box:

HTML Validator Tool


Table 1: Findings
  Organisation Compliant? HTML Version Errors Comments Try It
1 Derby Museum And Art Gallery Y HTML 4     Check
2 Northamptonshire Record Society N Six errors   Check
3 Leicester City Council N Not defined No DOCTYPE   Check
4 Leicester City Council Library Services N Not defined No DOCTYPE   Check
5 Leicester City Council A-Z N Not defined No DOCTYPE   Check
6 Foxton Canal Museum N Incorrectly specified Invalid DOCTYPE Many errors Check
7 Ruddington Village Museum N Not defined No DOCTYPE   Check
8 Nottinghamshire Archives N HTML 4.01 3 errors (missing ALT tags)   Check
9 Edward Moody Design N Not defined No DOCTYPE   Check
10 EMMLAC N XHTML 1.0 Multiple errors Mixture of XHTML and HTML elements Check

The information in the table was collected on 1st and 26th April 2004.


Please note the following:


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 2: HTML Compliance
Compliant 1 10%
Not Compliant 9 90%