UKOLN Alternative Approaches: Technical Developments and IPR

A Talisman workshop on Electronic Copyright took place on Tuesday, 3rd November 1998 at Heriot Watt University. Brian Kelly gave a 30 minute talk by video-conference on Alternative Approaches: Technical Issues and IPR.

The Presentation

Alternative Approaches: Technical Issues and IPR
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Workshop Details

Talisman would like to follow up the events TALiSMAN has held on Copyright/Legal Risks with a workshop which provides a more focused and more productive outcome for the participants.

The aims of this workshop would be to (start to) develop Scottish guidelines on electronic copyright by sharing experiences.

We hope to hold the workshop at Heriot-Watt for a max of 21 people on Tuesday 3 November, 10.30 - 3.30. We would like each institution to nominate an appropriate person to attend this event. The participant would be expected to take an active part in developing the guidelines and continue contribute to discussions beyond the workshop.

Institutional Policy and Guidelines
who should be involved
how should they be made available
what issues should be covered
Staff Awareness
strategy for publicity, events
targeted or institution wide (web masters, lecturers, developers)
Staff Training
on guidelines
Staff Support
what for should it take?