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A seminar on Webzine Technologies was given by Brian Kelly, UKOLN in Bern at the Swiss National Library on Monday 5th March 2001 and at the WHO, Geneva on Tuesday 6th March 2001. The seminar ran from 15.30 until 17.00. It was one of a series of Library Science talks.


You are thinking about publishing an online version of your publication. What are the main issues which you will have to address? How will your online publication differ from the print version? What features should you be providing for your readers? How can you make use of the technology to improve the services for authors? And, as a publisher, what approaches should you take to managing your online publication? Finally, how is your online publication to be funded? Will it replace your print publication, will it be funded by advertising, or will additional funding have to be found?

This seminar was led by Brian Kelly. Brian is based at UKOLN, University of Bath, UK. UKOLN publishes three Web publications - Ariadne, Exploit Interactive and Cultivate Interactive. The seminar was informed by UKOLN's experiences in producing these publications.


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