UKOLN An Update On Web Standards

Brian Kelly gave a seminar on An Update On Web Standards at the University of Edinburgh on Thursday 26th September 2002.

The meeting took place in the James Robertson Building, George Square, University of Edinburgh campus. The location is available from Multimap.


This seminar will give an update on Web standards. It will review the original architecture of the Web, which was based on three main component: a data format (HTML), a means of addressing resources (URLs) and a transport mechanism (HTTP). The simplicity of the original architecture helped the Web to develop rapidly during the mid-1990s. However the simplicity resulted in limitations in what could be acheived in the Web and interoperability difficulties as the core technologies became used to develop solutions for which they were not originally designed for. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is addressing these concerns by coordinating the development of a richer set of interoperable formats. In the seminar Brian Kelly will review a number of these new formats and consider approaches to the deployment of new formats within a HE context. Participants at the seminar will have an opportunity for questions.
Who Should Attend?
Those involved in managing and/or developing Web sites.
About The Presenter
Brian Kelly will deliver the seminar. Brian is UK Web Focus - a JISC-funded post based at UKOLN, University of Bath. Brian has a responsibility for advising the UK's Higher and Further Education communities on Web developments.
The seminar will take place from 14:00-16:00 on Thursday 26th September 2002.


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