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Beyond The PC: New Devices For Our Users

A talk on Beyond The PC: New Devices For Our Users was given at a joint SCURL / SLAMIT seminar which was held on Thursday 7 June 2001 at the Wolfson Centre, Edinburgh University.


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Although battles over desktop computers continue (the PC, Mac, Linux wars) there are a whole host of new devices which may provide a very different way for users to access resources. If these new device, which include e-books, PDAs, WAP phones and digital TVs, take off it will have a significant impact on how libraries manage access to resources, which will include managing the devices, creating resources and managing access to the resources.

In this 30 minute talk Brian Kelly will address some of these issues, with an emphasis on the e-book.

Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a JISC-funded post which provides advice for the UK HE and FE communities on Web developments. Brian is based at UKOLN (UK Office For Library and Information Networking) at the University of Bath.

Brian has been involved in Web developments since early 1993. At that time he was the Information Officer in the Computing Service, University of Leeds.

Brian left the University of Leeds in 1995 to work for the Netskills network training group, based at the University of Newcastle.

He moved to UKOLN in 1996. His activities include monitoring the latest Web developments and dissemination of news of Web developments and of best practices. Brian organises an annual 3 day Institutional Web Management event which is aimed at members of Institutional Web Management teams. The next event will be held at Queen's University Belfast on 25-27 June 2001. He hopes to see some of you there.

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