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Auricle Interview On 23 February 2005

Podcast - Auricle Interview

On 23 February 2005 Brian Kelly was interviewed by Derek Morisson for the launch Auricle podcast.

In the launch Podcast which accompanies the Auricle Blog Brian Kelly was interviewed by Derek Morrison, head of CDNTL at the University of Bath.
In this 18 minute Podcast Brian Kelly described his organisation, UKOLN, and his role within UKOLN. Brian, in response to a question on the current 'hot areas' he is involved with, outlined the potential of collaborative technoliogies, such as Blogs, Wikis, instant mesaging and Podcasts. Brian pointed out the benefits of a modular, as opposed to monolithic, approach to the support of elearning within institutions. Brian pointed out, however, that such an approach would have associated risks, and that there is a need to establish close links with central IT service departments.
Auricle Blog entry: <http://www.bath.ac.uk/dacs/cdntl/pMachine/morriblog_more.php?id=391_0_4_0_M>
Auricle Podcast summary: <http://www.bath.ac.uk/e-learning/Download/podcasts/auriclepodcasts.xml>
MP3 File: <http://www.bath.ac.uk/e-learning/download/podcasts/20050223-brian-kelly.mp3>
Technical Details
In the interview Brian Kelly and Derek Morrison both used the Skype Internet telephony application. Brian and Derek were both in their offices, located in Wessex House, University of Bath. Derek used the open source Audacity application for recording, editing and processing the sound file.