UKOLN Verity Conference - 30 November- 1 December 2000

Brian Kelly gave a 45 minute talk on Approaches To Resource Discovery In The UK HE Community at the VERITY Conference on New Advances in Information Retrieval and Information Skills Development for Young People held in Athens, Greece on 30 Nov / 1 Dec 2000.


The Web manager's view of resource discovery is based on use of indexing software to provide search facilities on local Web sites and links to search engines such as AltaVista. The Library community is more interested in OPACs and providing access to library catalogues using a Web browser. Developers of information gateways are bringing library expertise in cataloguing resources to the networked information world.

The Hybrid Library community seeks to integrate the services provided by the Web management, library and information gateway communities. Within the UK Higher Education community this work is being led by eLib phase 3 projects, who are developing services through a standards-based approach using standards such as Dublin Core and Z39.50.

This talk will describe developments with in the UK HE community, including reviews of approaches to Web site indexing within the community, developments in the eLib Hybrid Libraries community, and the moves towards a Distributed National Electronic Resource.


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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a JISC-funded post based at UKOLN (UK Office for Library and Information Networking) at the University of Bath. Brian advises the UK Higher and Further Education communities on Web developments. Brian's dissemination activities include organising an annual 3-day Institutional Web Management workshop and contributing to (as well as acting as project manager for) the JISC-funded Ariadne and the EU-funded Exploit Interactive and Cultivate Interactive Web magazines.

Brian has been involved in the development of Web services since early 1993 - the Web service he supported at Leeds University was one of the first 30 organisational web services available. As most Universities at the time were convinced that Gopher was the most appropriate technology for distributed information systems, between 1993 and 1995 Brian (who was worried that he may have chosen the Internet equivalent of the Betamax system!) gave presentations about the Web throughout the UK.

In 1995 Brian joined the Netskills project at Newcastle University where he was involved in development of network training material.

In November 1996 Brian took up his current post in Bath. His responsibilities include monitoring Web developments, information dissemination, providing advice and representing JISC on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Brian has presented posters at the WWW 8 and 9 conferences. He has attended WWW conferences at Toronto (WWW8, May 1999), Brisbane (WWW7, April 1998), Santa Clara (WWW6, April 1997), Paris (WWW5, May, 1996) and Geneva (WWW1, May 1994).


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