UKOLN UKSG Annual Conference - 2001

Brian Kelly gave a talk on The Latest Web Developments at the 24th UKSG Annual Conference which was held at Heriot-Watt University on 2nd-4th April 2001. The talk took place on Monday 2nd April 2001 from 14.30-15.30 and was repeated on Tuesday 3nd April 2001 from 11.00-12.00 and 16.00-17.00.


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Briefing Session Leader Information Details

Name: Brian Kelly

Affiliation: UKOLN

Title Of Briefing Session: The Latest Web Developments

Presentation Facilities Required: Networked PC (with Web browser and MS PowerPoint) and projection facility

Resume of Briefing Session Theme:
The Web continues its rapid development and deployment in many areas of our lives. We have seen how the Web has progressed from the mid-1990s (when organisations were typically providing HTML pages to provide static information resources) to today's deployment of interactive Web sites providing e-commerce and e-business services.

In this Briefing Session Brian Kelly will describe the developments in the underlying Web standards and protocols which are being deployed to provide the current generation of Web services.

Brief Biography:
Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a national, JISC-funded Web coordination post based at UKOLN (UK Office For Library and Information Networking), University of Bath. His responsibilities include monitoring Web developments, information dissemination, providing advice and representing JISC on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Brian presented a short paper at the WWW 8 conference and delivering another two at the WWW 9 conference in Amsterdam in May 2000.

Dissemination of information on Web developments is one of the important aspects of Brian's responsibilities. In addition to organising the annual Web Management workshop and participation at many events, Brian publishes articles in a variety of publications, including the Ariadne (see <>), Cultivate Interactive (see <>) and Exploit Interactive (see <>) Web magazines.