UKOLN UCISA User Services Conference - April 2002

Disseminating News Within Your Organisation

Brian Kelly (UKOLN) ran a workshop session on Disseminating News Within Your Organisation at the UCISA User Services Conference 2002 on The 24hr University: Stretching the Limits which took place at the University of Leeds on 8-10th April 2002.

The session took place on Monday 8th April at 3:45 pm.


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This hands-on workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore techniques which can be used to provide automated news feeds. This can be useful for disseminating news information (IT services news or institutional news) in an automated way, which avoids the dangers of providing out-of-date news which often happens when manual approaches are taken.

The workshop is a interactive one, and participants will make use of a number of Web tools and utilities.

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