UKOLN Online Information 98 - 9 December 1998

Brian Kelly took part in a panel session on Enabling the user in the quest for quality at the Online Information 98 conference which was held at Olympia, London on 8-10 December 1998.

Presentation on "Technical Developments Related to Quality Issues"

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Session Details

The abstract for the session follows:

Exponential growth in the number of information resources available via the Internet and online demands that information professionals and end users face up to the complex problem of assessing information quality. How can you determine the quality of the information you use? Are there accepted guidelines available to help in this monumental task? What role must information vendors and those responsible for information gateways play? How else can end-users be empowered to find quality?

The panelists were:

The session was chaired by Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, UK.