Benchmarking Web Sites Workshop For Museum New Media Spring School - Search Engine Analysis of Selected Web Sites

The following table gives a summary of the search engines used on Web sites for participants on the "Leicester Spring School In New Media" which was held at University of Leicester on 20th April 2005.

A summary of the column headings is given below.


Table 1: Search Engines Survey for selected Web sites
  Organisation Search Engine Comments Try It
1 Natural History Museum Google Hosted remotely
2 National Museum of Science and Industry None found    
3 The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television Google Hosted remotely
4 National Museums and Galleries of Wales Unknown  
5 Cotswold Motoring Museum Unknown  
6 Bolton Museum, Art Gallery & Aquarium Unknown  
7 Museum of Science And Industry In Manchester Unknown  
8 24 Hour Museum Unknown  
9 MWR None found    
10 Arts and Technology Partnership None found    
11 Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester ht://Dig  
12 Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Open University None found    
13 elearning group for museums and galleries, libraries and archives None found    

The information in the table was collected on 15th April 2005.


A summary of the findings is given below.

Table 2A: Summary
Search Engine 8 62%
No Search Engine 5 38%
Status not known 0 0%
Table 2B: Software Name
Google 2 15%
ht://DIg 1 8%
Unknown 5 38%