UKOLN UK Museums and the Web 2001 Conference

A 45 minute talk on Automated Benchmarking Of UK Museum Web Sites was given at the UK Museums and the Web Conference which was held at The Science Museum, London on 15th November 2001.


This talk will describe a survey of UK Museum Web sites. A number of Web-based tools will be used to audit UK Museum Web sites for features such as size of site, compliance with standards, accessibility of service, coverage by search engines, etc. The results of the surveys will be interpreted and recommendations provided if appropriate. The talk will also describe the limitations of the survey process and provide advice on further more comprehensive surveys.

The talk will be given by Brian Kelly, the UK Web Focus, based at UKOLN, University of Bath. A brief overview of the UKOLN's work in this area will also be given.

Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is "UK Web Focus" - A JISC-funded post which provides advice on Web developments to the UK HE and FE communities. Brian has been involved in Web activities since January 1993. He helped set up a Web presence at the University of Leeds - one of the early pioneers of the Web in the UK.

Brian has attended several of the international WWW conferences, and gave poster presentations at the last two conferences.

Brian is based at UKOLN - a national focus of expertise in digital information management. UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.


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