UKOLN The Latest Web Developments

A talk with the title The Latest Web Developments was given at the IRISS 98 conference which took place at the University of Bristol on 25/27th March 1998. The talk was given on Friday 27th March in the session on "Cyberphenomena" chaired by Mr Nicky Ferguson from 9.45 - 11.15.


In this talk Brian Kelly outlined some of the latest Web developments, including Web standards which are emerging from W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium. The talk gave an overview of the architectural components of the Web (including data formats and transport protocols), summarised their deficiencies (such as the well-known deficiencies in HTML and the performance problems of the Web), and described how these deficiencies are being addressed (the release of HTML 4.0, and the development of new protocols such as XML).

The talk was of interest to people involved in developing applications and services on the Web and anyone who has a general interest in future developments on the Web.



The presentation is available as:


The paper is available from the University of Bath repository.