ILI 2005 Conference - October 2005

The following talk was given at the Internet Librarian International 2005 Conference held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, on Monday 10th - Tuesday 11th October 2005, with workshop sessions on Sunday 9th October 2005.

Please note that three other contributions were made at the conference.

Digital Tools for Collaboration: Email Must Die!


Digital Tools for Collaboration: Email Must Die!
About the session
Brian Kelly gave a talk on "Email Must Die!" in a session on "Digital Tools for Collaboration" with Aaron Schmidt and Michael Stephens.
The talk describes the limitations of well-established communications tools such as email (and attending conferences!) and review their limitations. The advantages of technologies such as Blogs, Wikis, instant messaging, Podcasting, etc. will be described, and reasons for the difficulties in such technologies taking off will be explored.
Date And Time
The session will take place in the "Blogs, Wikis & Collaboration Tools" session from 10:30-11:30 on 10 October, 2005.


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The following feedback on this talk is available:

A rought translation of part of the Danish Blog follows:
Library users are using alternatives [to email, such as instant messaging, Blogs, Wikis, ...] so librarians should do so too. Drawbacks are: many weblogs [Blogs] may be poor, chat can be disturbing, there is spam and wikis get invaded. But the opposite is also true, so why not have a try? Brian Kelly then gave lots of examples. Otherwise Librarians may be perceived as slow to adapt.