UKOLN Internet Librarian International 2003 Conference - 25-27 March 2003

HTML Is Dead! A Web Standards Update

The following talk was given at the Internet Librarian International 2003 Conference held at the NEC, Birmingham on 25-27th March 2003.

HTML Is Dead! A Web Standards Update

A 45 minute talk on "HTML Is Dead! A Web Standards Update".
Abstract (up to 100 words)
We are now familiar with HTML. But awareness of new formats such as XML and related technologies may not be so widespread. This talk describes the original Web architecture, which was successful due to its simplicity. The limitations of the original Web architecture will be described and an overview of developments to Web standards which are being coordinated by the W3C will be given. You will learn why HTML is dead and how XML killed it. You will also hear about related formats such as CSS, SVG and SMIL as well as XSLT - which is reviving HTML in a new format known as XHTML.
Objectives Of The Session
By the end of the session, audience members will be aware of the limitations of the original architecture of the Web and of the developments which the W3C is coordinating which aim to address the limitations and to develop richer functionality. In particular the audience will be aware of the limitations of HTML as a file format, of the importance of XML and how XHTML, in conjunction with CSS, can provide a migration path. Other elements of the XML family will be described including XLink, XPointer, XML Schemas and XSLT, together with important XML formats such as SVG and SMIL. The audience will be aware of how a metadata framework for the Web was developed based on RDF.
Brian Kelly (UKOLN)
Biographical Details
Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a JISC-funded post which advises the UK's higher and further education communities on Web developments. Brian is also one of the project managers for the QA Focus post - another JISC-funded post which seeks to ensure that JISC-funded digital library projects comply with standards and best practices. Brian works at UKOLN, a national centre of expertise in digital information management, which is based at the University of Bath.


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