UKOLN Internet Librarian International 2002 Conference - 18-20 March 2002

New Devices And The Web

A talk on New Devices And The Web was given by Brian Kelly and Helen Petrie (City University) at the Internet Librarian International 2002 Conference.

The talk lasted for 45 minutes and took place from 10:30-11:15 on Wednesday 20 March 2002 in the Web Wizards Symposium Track B (session B301).


A range of new devices are beginning to become available which will influence the services provided by Libraries. How should Libraries respond to the availability of e-Book readers, PDAs, digital TVs and kiosks? What will the effect of pervasive networking (e.g. use of wireless technologies, Bluetooth, etc.) have? Can new devices improve the accessibility of our services?

In this session the speakers will give brief presentations of their views on these issues. Brian Kelly will give an overview of e-books, explain the differences between portable e-Book readers and desktop e-Book services and describe the key standards and architectural approaches needed to provide support for a range of devices. Helen Petrie, City University will focus on the usability and accessibility aspects of mobile devices.

Structure of Presentations

Brian Kelly will talk for 20 minutes on "New Devices And The Web: The E-Book And The Digital Talking Book". Helen Petrie will talk for 20 minutes on "New Devices And The Web: Usability and Accessibility of Mobile Devices".


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