Design Issues: Technological Challenges Posed By Web 2.0

Brian Kelly will facilitate a session on "Technological Challenges Posed By Web 2.0" in the Design Issues strand of the Fellows Conference 2007 to be held in Jeffery Hall, Centre for Distance Education, University of London on 19th June 2007.


Web 2.0 is changing things. But are we still engaged in traditional approaches to the development of e-learning resources? Brian Kelly will facilitate the morning session of the "Design Issues" strand at the Fellows Conference 2007, in which he will suggest that a fresh approach needs to be taken to the development of networked services to support distance learning.

Following Brian's presentation, a number of participants will give brief presentations on their development work.

This will be followed by an open discussion based on Brian's presentation and informed by the follow-up presentations.

Note that the afternoon session in the Design Issues strand will be facilitated by Steven Warburton, who will focus on the pedagogical issues associated with use of Web 2.0 technologies in e-learning.



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