Let's Free IT Support Materials!

This page contains details of a paper on "Let's Free IT Support Materials!" which was presented at the EUNIS 2005 Conference at the University of Manchester, England on 21st-24th June 2005.

The paper was given in the "Digital Content" session which was held from 14:30 - 16:10 in Room B on Wednesday 22nd June 2005.

Note that the original EUNIS 2005 Web site is no longer available. However an archive copy is available on the Internet Archive.



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The paper is available from the University of Bath institutional repository.

Let's Free IT Support Materials!
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Accompanying Documents

An Introduction To Creative Commons, QA Focus briefing paper no. 82
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Please note that the recording was made using an iPod and was subsequently converted to MP3 format. This was done as an experiment: note that the sound quality is not very high.

Citation Details

Let's Free IT Support Materials!, Kelly, B., Knight, G., Casey, J. and Guy, M., EUNIS 2005 Conference Proceedings (CDROM)