AUKML 2006: What Can Web 2.0 Offer?

About This Talk

Brian Kelly gave a talk on What Can Web 2.0 Offer? at the AUKML 2006 Conference. which was held from 13.40-14.25 on Saturday 23rd September 2006 at the Penthouse Suite, Point Hotel, Edinburgh - see location details or Google Maps.


We have probably all heard of Web 2.0 and technologies such as Blogs and Wikis. But what exactly is Web 2.0 and what benefits can it provide to media librarians and organisations such as AUKML? This talk aims to provide answers to these questions.

What Can Web 2.0 Offer?
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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly's job title is "UK Web Focus". His remit is to support the higher and further education and cultural heritage communities in making effective use of Web technologies. His post is funded by the JISC and the MLA.

Brian is an experienced Web developer having set up his first Web site in January 1993 whilst working in the Computing Service at the University of Leeds. Convinced of the potential of the Web Brian was an early pioneer and evangelist, giving many presentations across the UK higher education community. Brian is now employed as "UK Web Focus" at UKOLN, a national centre of expertise in digital information management based at the University of Bath.

Brian's role is to advise the UK's higher and further education communities and the culture heritage sector on standards and best practices for use of the Web.

Brian's email address is <b.kelly AT>.