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About the Talk

A talk on "Promoting Your Project Web Site" was given by Brian Kelly, UKOLN at the CONSOLIDATING THE EUROPEAN LIBRARY SPACE Concertation event held in Luxembourg on 17-19th November 1999.

Promoting Your Project Web Site
Abstract: This 30 minute talk addresses issues associated with promoting and raising the profile of project web sites. It addresses a number of technical issues including domain and URL naming issues, accessible web design, the robot exclusion protocol, the use of metadata and submitting resources to search engines and directories.


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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a national web coordination post for the UK Higher Education community. Brian is based at UKOLN (the UK Office for Library and Information Networking) which is located at the University of Bath.

Brian has been involved in the development of web services since early 1993 - the web service he supported when he was the Information Officer in the Computing Service at Leeds University was one of the first 30 organisational web services available.

Brian has been actively involved in web developments since then. He attended the first, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth WWW conferences. He has been a member of the programme committee for several of the conferences and gave a short paper on "Subject-Based Information Gateways in the UK" at WWW 8.

Brian is the project manager for the Exploit Interactive web magazine, which is part of the EXPLOIT project funded by the Telematics For Libraries programme.