Philip Hunter

Philip left UKOLN in September 2005

Department: UKOLN
Job Title: Research Officer.

From July 2004 I've been working for the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), principally on the creation and development of the associated peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Digital Curation, to be launched in 2005. The DCC is a consortium of four principal partners - CCLRC, The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and UKOLN. Before that I was the project-manager for ePrintsUK (April 2004 until the close of the project in mid-October 2004), replacing Marieke Guy who is on maternity leave.

I have been part of the UKOLN Research Team since January 2003. At that time I joined the Open Archives Forum full-time, supplying its project management from March onwards until the close of the project in December 2003. From July 2002 until January/February 2003 I was Co-ordinator (and a Technical Advisor along with Pete Dowdell of UKOLN and Alastair Dunning of AHDS) for the NOF - Digitise TAS (aka: New Opportunities Fund Digitise Programme Technical Advisory Service), and maintained the TAS Website. From late 2001 until August 2002 I devoted part of my time to the Open Archives Forum, mainly in the area of metadata issues.

I was Editor of (and occasional scribe for) Ariadne for five and a half years (from October 1997 to March 2003) as part of the Information & Communications and Web-support teams.

I maintained the eLib (Electronic Libraries Programme) pages mounted on the UKOLN server from 1997-2001, liasing with the main eLib office at Warwick University. I created the The Robert Graves Archive in 1996.

I have a strong interest in multimedia. I'm also interested in portal and digital library development, electronic publishing, content management systems, web services, grid technology, ePrints, the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI PMH), Open Access issues, preservation and curation questions, and XML. I'm also interested in the sociology of the digital library field.

My articles and presentations on various subjects are available. I've been employed as a librarian, cataloguer, archivist and multimedia specialist on a number of projects during the past 16 years (anatomy, engineering, contemporary history, literary manuscripts, pathology, earth sciences). My degree is in History (from University College London).

I designed and built the 'Ariadne Acronym Alert' Meter some time back in 1999: a piece of kit with an almost invisible resource footprint, triggered by the presence of unexpanded acronyms in emails and Web pages. This has a user friendly API (woops!) and configurable context sensitivity. All patents pending.

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University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

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