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September 2010

The Tap into Bath demonstrator collection description database project has now ended and the database, created in 2004, is no longer available. This page has been retained to illustrate the 'look and feel' of the original Web site.

How to search the database

Basic Search

Following the link to the Search page will automatically bring up the Basic Search screen.

  1. Enter your search word or phrase in the left-hand text box.
  2. Select from "match all words", "match any word" or "match phrase" in right-hand text box.
  3. Then click on the "Search the Database" button.

Example: A search using "costume" will locate 6 records for collections containing costumes.

The word or phrase you have entered will appear in bold type in the records retrieved.

Advanced Search

You may wish to try more detailed searching using the Advanced Search screen. This allows you to combine search terms in the Title, Description and Subject fields. Alternatively you can search by specific category (Subject, Of Interest To, Language, Personal Name, Corporate Name, Place, Time) by selecting a term from the drop down lists.

Example: Subject search on Astronomy will locate the entry for the William Herschel Museum

Example: Of Interest To search on Schools will locate entries for collections of interest to schoolchildren and teachers.

Example: Language search on Urdu will locate the entry for Bath and North East Somerset Libraries, which has material in Urdu. As this list contains all languages, you may find no collections in Bath with material in some languages. A Language search on Bulgarian will show no collections in Bath.

Example: Personal Name search on Ralph Allen will locate an entry for the Autographed Letters Collection at Bath Central Library.

Example: Corporate Name search on the Pitman Company will locate the entry for the Pitman Collection at the University of Bath Library.

Example: Place search on Burma will locate the entry for the Museum of East Asian Art

Example: Time search on the Georgian period will locate entries for collections covering this time period. As this list contains terms for some time periods not covered by collections in Bath, you may find no collections listed for the period you have selected. A Time search on the Third century will show no collections in Bath.

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