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Title: Sources of Digital Information
Editors:The Marc Fresko Consultancy
Report ID: British Library R&D Report 6102

This report can be downloaded in Word for Windows 2 format available at

Copies of the Sources of Digital Information report are available as photocopies or microfiche from the British Thesis Service, British Library Document Supply Centre, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BQ, England; quote report reference "R&D Report 6102".


This report is the result of a study which set out to explore the availability of digital information. It is intended to be of use to The British Library, as it moves to providing more services based on digital storage, and to other librarians and information professionals with interests in this field. The scope is broad, in both geographical coverage and nature of information sought. Accordingly, this report makes no claim of encyclopaedic coverage.

Over three hundred digital sources are described, in varying degrees of detail... The emphasis is on sources in and relevant to the UK; but sources from many other countries are also included.

Note especially that this is not a guide to the Internet. Many of the digital sources described here are not available via the Internet. At a time when Internet-based resources are in some ways dominating thoughts in information retrieval, this report intentionally covers sources delivered in a variety of other ways.

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