BL RIC logo NORDINFO logo Training for Change:
New Skills for the Electronic Library

The Eleventh UK-Nordic Conference, organised by UKOLN on behalf of The British Library Research and Innovation Centre and NORDINFO

Thursday 25 September to Sunday 28 September 1997
Conference in The Gibb Lecture Theatre, The National Railway Museum, York

The fast evolving electronic library with the spread of digital and networking technologies presents a range of challenges to library managers and professionals. What skills will be needed in the new environment? What new patterns of working and service models will emerge? What cultural changes will staff need to assimilate? How will they affect the nature of our professions?

This conference aimed to explore these issues and describe a variety of responses and solutions. There were five themed sessions:

The Challenge of Change

The Bigger Picture
Alison Scammell,
International Institute for Electronic Library Research, UK
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Denmark's Electronic Research Library: an orientation about the report - the challenges to and possibilities for the research libraries
Niels C Nielsen,
State and University Library, Denmark
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New technology, new librarians?
Linda Erlendsdóttir,
University College of Education, Iceland
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Who is Doing What: Projects and Initiatives

The Art of Sailing in Uncharted Seas: the Internet and the role of the information professional
Penny Garrod,
University of Plymouth, UK
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The Electronic Libraries Programme
Kelly Russell,
The Electronic Libraries Programme, UK
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INTO INFO (EDUCATE): WWW-based programs for information education, training and access
Nancy Fjällbrant,
Chalmers University of Technology Library, Sweden
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Information Technology programme for further education of research library personnel
Ingeborg Sølvberg,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Information Workforce: Skills and Training in the Digital Age

Developing networked learner support in UK academic libraries: perspectives from the NetLinkS project
Philippa Levy,
University of Sheffield, UK
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Distance Training and WWW-Learning Environments
Bo Søgaard Jensen,
Nordic Net Centre, Denmark
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TELSI: a web-based learning environment
Janne Himanka,
Oulu University, Finland
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Project eKUBIK: are electronic course reserves the solution to students' increasing demands?
Kerstin Olofsson,
Umeä University Library, Sweden
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New Ways of Working: Implications for training of converged services

Coming to an Understanding: staff development and training in a multi-skilled team environment
Richard Biddiscombe,
University of Birmingham, UK
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Experiences at Tampere University of Technology
Arja-Riitta Haarala,
Tampere University of Technology Library, Finland

Manifesto for Change

Manifesto for Change: development and atrophy
Biddy Fisher,
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Kirsten Engelstad,
National Office for Research Documentation, Academic and Professional Libraries, Norway
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