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The RSLP Terms metadata vocabulary. The RSLP Terms metadata vocabulary includes properties for the description of a Collection, the Location of the Collection and various Agents asssociated with the Collection and its Location. Terms are declared using RDF Schema language and the IEMSR RDF vocabulary. RSLP Collection Description Project
This Vocabulary is Described In: RDF Data Source for the RSLP Terms Metadata Vocabulary, annotated for use by IEMSR Registry

Classes in this Vocabulary:

Label Description Status Uri Reference
Agent A personal or corporate entity capable of action, and whose relationships with objects or with other agents may involve rights of one kind or another. stable
Collection-Level Description Type Vocabulary A list of types that categorize the collection according to its nature, the curatorial environment in which the collection has been made, the content of the collection and the collection policy and/or usage. stable
Location A Location is the physical or online (digital) place where a Collection is held. stable
RSLP Date Range A date range - two dates separated by a forward-slash (/). Each date should be entered according to the W3C note on 'Date and Time Formats'. Null dates may be used to indicate open-ended date ranges. stable

Properties in this Vocabulary:

Label Description Subproperty Of/Refines
Strength An indication (free text or formalised) of the strength(s) of the collection. Description
Accrual Status A statement of accrual policy (closed, passive, active, partial/selective), accrual method (purchase, deposit) and accrual periodicity (closed, irregular, periodic). Description
Access Control A statement of any access restrictions placed on the collection, including allowed users, charges, etc. Rights Management
Custodial History A statement of any changes in ownership and custody of the collection that are significant for its authenticity, integrity and interpretation. Description
Legal Status A statement of the legal status of the collection. Description
Location of Collection The physical or digital location of the collection. Relation
Note Any general information about the collection. Description
Agent Name A personal or corporate name associated with the items in the collection. Subject and keywords
Object Name An object name associated with the items in the collection. Subject and keywords
Contents Date Range The range of dates of the individual items within the collection. Date
Accumulation Date Range The range of dates over which the collection was accumulated. Date
Catalogue or Description A second collection that describes the current collection. Relation
Owner An agent who has legal possession of the collection.
Associated Collection A second collection that is associated by provenance with the current collection. Relation
Described Collection A second collection that is described by the current collection. Relation
Access Conditions Hours of access, classes of permitted user, etc.
Associated Publication A publication that is based on the use, study or analysis of the collection. Relation
See also A resource that provides further information about this location (typically the URL for an organisational home page). Relation
Held Collection A collection held at this physical or digital location. Relation
Postal address The full postal address for the physical location of the collection. Resource Identifier
Administrator An agent who has responsibility for the physical or electronic enviroment in which the collection is held. Publisher
Country The country in which the collection is physically located.
Post/zip code The post code or zip code for the physical location of the collection.
Agent History An administrative history of, or biographical details on, the agent.
Locator The online location (URL) of a digital collection. Resource Identifier
IEMSR 2006