Sandfordshire Council Metadata Example

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Title The Pale Lighthouse on Fire (nr Tawney Bay, Sandfordshire) DC.TITLE Typically, a Title will be a name by which the resource or object is formally known.
Creator Shade, John DC.CREATOR Examples of a Creator include a person, an organisation, or a service.
Contributor (none) DC.CONTRIBUTOR A Contributor can be a person, an organisation, or a service responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource or object.
Type Image - Etching DC.TYPE The nature or genre of the content of the resource.
Date 1933-06-12 DC.DATE W3C Date Time Format is the preferred standard, which can take the form YYYY-MM-DD. See:
Description Etching of a lighthouse near Tawney Bay, Sandfordshire. Dramatic sunset in the west. Verso: Signed "J.Shade" Recto: (Handwritten) To Véra, Tawney Bay, 12th June around 7.30pm DC.DESCRIPTION An account of the content of the resource
Subject Shade, John Shade, Lighthouses, Coast, Tawney Bay, Sandfordshire DC.SUBJECT Typically, a Subject will be expressed as keywords, key phrases or classification codes that describe a topic of the resource. Various schemes are possible - Dewey Decimal Classification, Library of Congress Classification etc.
Coverage - Place Devon DC.COVERAGE.
Various schemes possible - Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names etc. Note that Sandfordshire have qualified the DC term with two further terms. The asterisk * denotes the preferred term for DC.COVERAGE
Coverage - Time 1933-06-12 DC.COVERAGE.
W3C Date Time Format is the preferred standard, which can take the form YYYY-MM-DD. See:
Technique Drypoint etching on Paper    
Language en-UK DC.LANGUAGE The language of the intellectual content of the resource. Recommended best practice for the values of the Language element is defined by RFC 1766. See:
ISO 639-2 Language Codes
Culture British    
Measurements 30 cm * 15 cm    
Current Repository Collection of Sir Hugh Shade, 28 Zembla Street, London, SE1 DC.PUBLISHER Examples of a Publisher include a person, an organisation, or a service
Repository Contact Charles Kinbote    
Repository Contact Address 28 Zembla Street    
Repository Contact Telephone 020 7928 7848    
Repository Contact Email (none given)    
Current Accession Number (none given)    
Rights Owner Right of reproduction given to Sandfordshire County Council in artist's will    
Notes Verso: Signed "J.Shade" Recto: (Handwritten) To Véra, Tawney Bay, 12th June around 7.30pm    
Digital Delivery (Image made available on website)    
Type Image (delivery version)    
Format Jpeg DC.FORMAT The physical or digital manifestation of the resource. Formats are commonly drawn from the IMT (Internet Media Type) See: MEDIA TYPES
Pixel Dimensions 520 * 240 pixels    
Resolution 72 dots per inch    

An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context. This is typically a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) See:

Created by Vivian Darkbloom (Batch process)    
Created when 2002-12-19    
Digital Archival Master (High quality archive version)    
Creator Sandfordshire Digitisation Service    
Type Image (master)    
Date 2002-10-02    
Capture Device UMAX Powerlook 3000    
Lighting Device (needs to be confirmed)    
Format Tiff    
Source Distance(cm) 88    
Compression Ratio None    
Compression Type None    
Scanner Mode 24 bit colour    
Pixel Size 3000 * 1400 pixels    
Scan Resolution 300 dots per inch    
Colour Space RGB    
File Size Size 8.2 Mb    
Colour Management None    
Film Curve Standard    
Scan Setting Automatic    
Orientation Landscape    
Colour Correction None    
Focus Automatic    
Cropping Slight cropping at bottom (100 pixels)    
Rotation None    
Contrast None    
Brightness None    
Filters (needs to be confirmed)    
White point (needs to be confirmed)    
Gamma 1.6    
Current Accession Number 1959.tif    
Preservation Copy Held By AHSD    
Preservation Copy Contact Alexander Dinning    
Preservation Copy Address 75 - 79 Leeds Road, LONDON, SE1    
Preservation Copy Email    
Image Last Modified 2002-12-01    
Image Last Modified by Vivian Darkbloom    
Notes on Image Some editing done to top left of etching where foul biting had left too much ink. Slight cropping at bottom (2002-12-01)    
Metadata Created by Sandfordshire Digitisation Service & Vivian Darkbloom    
Metadata Created on 2002-10-01    
Metadata Modified by Vivian Darkbloom    
Metadata Modified on 2002-12-01    

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