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Wireless Markup Language - WML


The Wireless Application Protocol is a standard for providing Internet connectivity and advanced telephony services on digital mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices.

WAP essentially consists of a transport protocol, a scripting language and a markup language known as the Wireless Markup Language (WML). WML is an XML application that offers similar functionality to HTML 4, though geared to small-screen devices without QWERTY keyboards.

In WML, other resources are named using URLs, just as in HTML.

Viewing WML pages

You can use's Wapalizer service to view WML pages using a normal Web browser.


WML and metadata

WML supports the meta element within the head section of a WML document (also known as a 'deck'). Syntactically, the WML meta element is similar to that in HTML 4.0, supporting name, scheme and content attributes. WML does not support the link element, so there is no mechanism for linking to an external metadata description of the resource.

Wireless Markup Language resources

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