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Meta Content Framework (MCF)

The Meta Content Framework (MCF) provides a system for representing a wide range of information about content. The content targeted includes web pages, gopher and ftp files, desktop files, email and structured (i.e., relational and object oriented) databases, etc. MCF is not intended to be an extension of markup languages such as HTML which can be used to hold embedded metadata. Instead it provides a format for holding the metadata externally to the content described. It is possible that metadata embedded in content will be extracted automatically by robots that use the MCF to represent the results of their activities. MCF should be able to represent the metadata that proposals such as the Dublin Core aim to cover.
Meta Content Framework Using XML
Syntax for representing MCF in XML.

MCF Tutorial
An introduction to MCF concepts.

Meta Content Framework
An overview of MCF by R.V.Guha, Apple Computer.

The HotSauce (TM) Home Page
HotSauce (TM) is a technology demonstration based on MCF (Meta Content Format). The HotSauce Web browser plug-in allows you to fly through 3D representations of Web space.

HotSauce and Meta-Content Format
A review from TidBITS, 25 Nov 1996

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