Koch, T., Neuroth, H. & Day, M. (2001). Renardus: Cross-browsing European subject gateways via a common classification system (DDC). Paper delivered at the IFLA satellite meeting: Subject Retrieval in a Networked Environment, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio, USA, 14-16 August 2001.

Abstract: This paper presents the approach and first results of the classification mapping process in the EU project Renardus. The outcome in Renardus is a cross-browsing feature based on the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and improved subject searching across distributed and heterogeneous European subject gateways. The paper presents the project's initial experiences and decisions, e.g. an investigation of the use of classification systems by Renardus partners' gateways, general mapping approaches and issues, the definition of mapping relationships and some information on technical solutions and the mapping tool. There is also a demonstration of the use of the mapping information in Renardus and the presentation of several features that have been implemented to aid end-user navigation in a large and deep browsing structure like the DDC. Classification mapping for cross-browsing is a labour intensive and complex effort which at the moment raises many open questions and leaves many more future potential work tasks than completed useful solutions.

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