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The pnds_dc XML format is an XML format that supports the encoding of DC metadata descriptions conforming to the People's Network Discovery Service Dublin Core Application Profile (PNDS DCAP) [PNDSDCAP]. This document must be read in conjunction with that description of the application profile.

Each XML element with the qualified name pndsdc:description (where the prefix "pndscdc" is bound to the XML Namespace Name corresponds to a single metadata description; each child XML element of that XML element corresponds to a statement about the resource which is the subject of the description.

Example metadata record in pnds_dc XML format

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <dc:identifier encSchemeURI=""></dc:identifier>
    <dc:title xml:lang="en">Everything you wanted to know about identity, but were afraid to ask</dc:title>
    <dc:description xml:lang="en">The article provides a summary of the 2003 White Paper on identity cards for the UK
    with a critique from the perspective of several national and international civil liberties organisations.</dc:description>
    <dc:subject>Identity cards</dc:subject>
    <dc:subject>Civil liberties</dc:subject>
    <dc:subject>Human rights</dc:subject>
    <dc:type encSchemeURI="" valueURI="">Text</dc:type>
    <dcterms:license valueURI="" />
    <dcterms:rightsHolder>The National Campaign Against Identity Cards</dcterms:rightsHolder>
    <dcterms:spatial encSchemeURI="">World, Europe, United Kingdom</dcterms:spatial>

Available at [Validate using XSV]

XML Schemas

The primary XML Schema for the pnds_dc XML format is:

That schema imports the following schemas:

Latest versions of the schemas are available from:

Note: implementers are advised to exercise caution in using this latter set of URIs in instance documents since changes to the schemas are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible. Recommended practice is to refer to a "date-stamped" version.

Using the pnds_dc XML format in OAI-PMH

Data providers using this XML format as a metadata format in the context of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting [OAIPMH] should use the following conventions:


DCMI Abstract Model

People's Network Discovery Service Dublin Core Application Profile (PNDS DCAP)

The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. Protocol Version 2.0 of 2002-06-14

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Last updated on: 13-Jun-2005

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