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Liaisons with other bodies

It has been proposed on several ocassions that MEG might usefully forge closer links with committees and the like working in areas akin to those of interest to us.

These links might take the form of a named individual or individuals who represent the interests of each committee at MEG meetings; perhaps presenting a very brief report on the progress of that committee, and certainly being sufficiently aware of the work of each in order to notify us of overlap, conflict, and the danger of opposing approaches to problems. These individuals might also usefully report on the work of MEG to the committees on which they represent us. I would envisage a fairly visible page on the web site, linking to the committees etc. with which we have such liaisons, and naming the individual responsible for communicating on our behalf.

The list, below, is a first pass at this, and I welcome additions and deletions to it. Also, volunteers who already sit on the relevant committee and who are interested in playing this role, should let me know...