Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways
Work Package 3 of Telematics for Research project DESIRE (RE 1004)

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DESIRE - RE 1004

Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways


DESIRE: Project Deliverable

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RE 1004 (RE)

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DESIRE - Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education

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D3.2 (2)

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Specification for resource description methods Part 2: Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways

Version Number

1.1 - May 1997 (Incorporates peer-review comments)

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Principal Authors:


Paul Hofman and Emma Worsfold


ILRT, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TN, UK.




+44 (0)1117 9289791


+44 (0)0117 9288473

Other Authors:

Debra Hiom, Michael Day and Angela Oehler.

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Selective subject gateways on the Internet are characterised by their quality control. The core activities of resource selection and description rely on skilled human input (by librarians, academics and experts) and are not activities that lend themselves to automation.

This report describes methods and tools that have been created to assist the staff of subject gateways to develop and maintain their quality control systems:

  • A generic conceptual model is provided, which describes the processes involved in running a gateway and the quality issues that relating to each part of the process. The model can be used to monitor and review the quality of a gateway.
  • A comprehensive list of selection criteria is given, which incorporates 'tips' and 'hints' for evaluating Internet resources. This can be used as a reference tool for gateways interested in defining or refining the selection criteria their own use.

Both the model and the list resulted from a 'state of the art' review of quality issues, both within subject gateways and in other sectors, notably the private sector and industry. They have both been tested by a number of existing subject gateways. The study and review carried out to develop these tools are described, together with the methods by which they were developed and tested.


information gateways; quality; subject gateways; selection criteria



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