The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery
Work Package 3 of Telematics for Research project DESIRE (RE 1004)
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DESIRE - RE 1004

The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery

DESIRE: Project Deliverable
Project Number:RE 1004 (RE)
Project Title:DESIRE - Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education
Deliverable Number: D3.2
Deliverable Title:Specification for resource description methods Part 3. The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery.
Version Number1.0
Deliverable Type:PU
Deliverable Kind:RE
Principal Authors:NameTraugott Koch
AddressLund University Library, Development Department NetLab, P.O. Box 3, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden.
Telephone+46 46 2229233
Fax+46 46 2223682
NameMichael Day
AddressUKOLN, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK.
Telephone+44 1225 323923
Fax+44 1225 826838
Other Authors:Anna Brümmer, Debra Hiom, Marianne Peereboom, Alan Poulter, Emma Worsfold.
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Abstract:Classification schemes have a role in aiding information retrieval in a network environment, especially for providing browsing structures for subject-based information gateways on the Internet. Advantages of using classification schemes include improved subject browsing facilities, potential multi-lingual access and improved interoperability with other services. Classification schemes vary in scope and methodology, but can be divided into universal, national general , subject specific and home-grown schemes. What type of scheme is used, however, will depend upon the size and scope of the service being designed. A study is made of classification schemes currently used in Internet search and discovery services, particular reference being given to the following schemes: Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC); Universal Decimal Classification (UDC); Library of Congress Classification (LCC); Nederlandse Basisclassificatie (BC); Sveriges Allmäma Biblioteksförening (SAB); Iconclass; National Library of Medicine (NLM); Engineering Information (Ei); Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) and the ACM Computing Classification System (CCS). Projects which attempt to apply classification in automated services are also described including the Nordic WAIS/WWW Project, Project GERHARD and Project Scorpion.
Keywords:Classification schemes; Resource discovery; Resource description; Internet;

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