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Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group
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This is a DCMI Working Draft.
Description of Document: This document describes the draft application profile for collection-level description developed by the Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group.


Where names are listed below as XML QNames, prefixes are assumed to be associated with Namespace Names as follows:

Proposed collection properties

Attribute RDF property Definition
General attributes    
Identifier dc:identifier A globally unique formal identifier for the collection.
Title dc:title The name of the collection.
Alternative Title dcterms:alternative Any form of name used as a substitute or alternative to the formal name of the collection
Description dc:description A description of the collection.
Physical Characteristics dc:format The physical or digital characteristics of the collection.
Size dcterms:extent The size of the collection.
Language dc:language The language of the items in the collection.
Type dc:type The type of the collection.
Rights dc:rights A statement of any rights held in/over the collection.
Access Rights dcterms:accessRights
(sub-property of dc:rights)
A statement of any access restrictions placed on the collection, including allowed users, charges, etc.
Accrual Status cld:accrualStatus
(sub-property of dc:description)
A statement of accrual policy (closed, passive, active, partial/selective), accrual method (purchase, deposit) and accrual periodicity (closed, irregular, periodic).
Custodial History gen:custodialHistory
(sub-property of dc:description)
A statement of any changes in ownership and custody of the collection that are significant for its authenticity, integrity and interpretation.
Audience dcterms:audience A class of entity for whom the collection is intended or useful.
Logo cld:logo An image or logo associated with the collection.
Is Available At gen:isAvailableAt
(sub-property of dc:relation)
The physical or online (digital) location of the collection.
Subject dc:subject A subject or topic associated with the items in the collection.
Spatial Coverage dcterms:spatial
(sub-property of dc:coverage)
The spatial coverage of the content of the items in the collection.
Temporal Coverage dcterms:temporal
(sub-property of dc:coverage)
The temporal coverage of the content of the items in the collection.
Accumulation Date Range cld:accumulationDateRange
(sub-property of dc:date)
The range of dates over which the collection was accumulated.
Contents Date Range cld:contentsDateRange
(sub-property of dc:date)
The range of dates of the individual items within the collection.
Associated agents    
Collector dc:creator An entity who gathers (or gathered) the items in a collection together.
Owner gen:owner An entity who has legal possession of the collection.
Sub-collection dcterms:hasPart
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection contained within the current collection.
Super-collection dcterms:isPartOf
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection that contains the current collection.
Catalogue or description gen:hasDescription
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection that describes the current collection (for example, the catalogue for the current collection).
Described collection gen:isDescriptionOf
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A second collection that is described by the current collection.
Associated collection dc:relation A second collection that is associated with the current collection.
Associated publication cld:hasPublication
(sub-property of dc:relation)
A publication that is based on the use, study, or analysis of the collection.

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